What is DSI solar Chips?
DSI solar chip is a product which secure your house from sunlight and heat, And reduce temperature in summers.
What will be the difference in temperature after installing DSI chips?
After installing DSI chips temperature falls down from 6℃ to 8℃.
What else DSI solar chips do other than temperature reduction?
It also secures your house from leakage and seepage in rainy season.
What is the process of installing DSI solar chips?
DSI solar chips got installed normally as other chips but in presence of experts.
For how long DSI chips are productive?
DSI chips is a life time guarantee product. It will secure your house for life.
How cost effective it is?
The cost will be returned in two years through electricity bills reduction for example less consumption by AC etc.
What is the weight of a bag and how much area it covers?
The weight of a bag is 40 Kg and it covers 10 sf area.